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Washington University Campus Accessibility

Danforth Campus Index Map (PDF)

The University strives to make its programs, services, and activities accessible to all persons. This site provides specific building accessibility information, such as the locations of accessible entrances, restrooms, elevators, and power assist doors. It also provides information about accessible parking and routes. It is designed to be used by members of the campus community who wish to identify accessible features of various campus buildings. Various campus units work with persons with disabilities to make the campus accessible. Campus visitors with disabilities who need accommodations or auxiliary aids and services are encouraged to contact the office or unit hosting the event to make such arrangements.

Washington University Campus Accessibility

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North Campus

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West Campus

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Contact information:

Students with disabilities should contact Disability Resources in Cornerstone: The Center for Advanced Learning to discuss their individual needs. University employees who wish to request a disability-based accommodation or auxiliary aid or service should contact the Office of Human Resources.




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