Access Control & Electronic Security

The Access Control & Electronic Security Office is responsible for the WashU Card Access systems, CCTV system, lock shop and fire lane vehicle entry point systems.

If you suspect any vandalism or malicious acts have taken place involving any door on campus please report this to our office or Campus Police. 

If you see an exterior door standing open after hours, please report to Campus Police.  Do not hold doors open without notifying the Campus Police first, an alarm will sound.

Lost, Stolen or Malfunctioning ID Cards

Lost, stolen or malfunctioning ID cards should be reported immediately.  Please call 314-935-7703 or the Campus Police at 314-935-5555 to report a lost or stolen ID card. 

Card Access System

The Card Access system controls access to all buildings on the Danforth Campus as well as North Campus, South Campus and West Campus.  This includes standalone battery-operated card reader system (used primarily for individual offices), mechanical/equipment rooms and storage rooms on campus. We work with all campus departments and school liaisons to ensure we are meeting the access needs of the campus community. 

We are governed by and work closely with the Card Access Committee, the University Closed Circuit Television Committee and WUPD on Policy, Administration, Configuration and Maintenance for the Danforth Campus Card Access & CCTV systems.

Miranda Baird

Manager of Access Control

Lock Shop

Our office also manages the Danforth Campus Lock Shop; our locksmiths maintain, install, repair and manage all mechanical and battery operated locks.  If you have any questions for the Lock Shop, please call Card Access at 314-935-9661.

Fire Lanes

Access to the WashU Fire Lanes are restricted, any person needing access to a Campus Fire Lane must have prior approval. Please contact our office during business hours to inquire about these access guidelines.

Access Control & Electronic Security Office

Monday – Friday: 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.