Building Controls/HVAC

The Building Controls office is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the controls systems (HVAC, Lighting, etc.) that operate all buildings on the Danforth Campus as well as North, West and South Campuses.

Our goal is to optimize the HVAC controls systems such that indoor environmental conditions are maintained while using the minimum amount of energy and carbon emissions.  We use multiple strategies to reduce our energy footprint ranging from simple (scheduling, temperature set points, etc.) to complex (static pressure resets, energy recovery optimization, peak load shedding, etc.).

In addition to day-to-day operations, we lead Retro-Commissioning efforts focused on optimizing the operation and efficiency of individual buildings.  Retro-Commissioning is a core strategy being implemented to achieve the Campus Energy and Emissions goals.

The building controls group serves in a support role for our front line team of multi-crafted mechanics.