The campus is divided into geographic, maintenance zones whose responsibility is to provide routine and emergency repair to all the buildings within that zone. Each zone has a manager, a working supervisor and a crew of multi-crafted mechanics who operate out of a satellite office and shop.

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Buildings & Contacts

Blue Zone
Anheuser Busch Hall
Athletic Complex
Bauer Hall
Charles F. Knight Exec. Education Center
Concessions Building
Knight Hall
McMillan Addition
McMillan Hall
Millbrook Building
Millbrook Parking Garage
Simon Hall
Seigle Hall
Sports Fields Buildings
Sumers Recreational Center

Martin Lange

Blue Zone Manager

Gold Zone
276 North Skinker
560 Music Center Building
621 Skinker
6601 Vernon
6662 Olive
Family Learning Center
North Campus
South Campus
West Campus

Wendall D. Post

Gold Zone Manager

Green Zone
Bryan Hall
Compton Hall
Crow Hall
Cupples Hall II
Environmental Health & Safety Facility
George McMillen Hall
Jolley Hall
Lopata Hall
Louderman Hall
Power Plant
Rudolph Hall (EPS)
Urbauer Hall
Wrighton Hall

Joseph Flanders

Green Zone Manager

Orange Zone
#3 University Lane
#4 University Lane
#5 University Lane
#7 University Lane
6465 Ellenwood
6481 Ellenwood
6500 Ellenwood
6320 Forsyth
6364 Forsyth
6372 Forsyth
6400 Forsyth
6408 Forsyth
6414 Forsyth
Alumni House
Bayer Laboratory
Blewett Hall
Busch Lab
Danforth University Center
Forsyth Garage
Gaylord Music Library
Graham Chapel
Harbison House
Life Sciences
Mallinkrodt Center
McDonnell Hall
Music Classroom Building
Plant Growth Facility
Rebstock Hall
Somers Family Hall
Stix International House
Tietjens Hall
Karl Umrath Hall
Wilson Hall

Austin Wagoner

Orange Zone Manager

Purple Zone
Academy Building
Fraternities 1-8, 11, 21, 22
Greenway Apartments
Lopata House
Millbrook Apartments 1-4
Nursery School
Rosedale Apartments
Snow Way Parking Garage
The Lofts
University Lane Apartments
Village East Apartments
Village House

Tony Knowlton

Purple Zone Manager

Red Zone
Beaumont House
Chiller Plant
Danforth House
Dardick House
Dauten House
Eliot B. House
Gregg House
Hitzeman House
Hurd House
Koenig House
Lee House
Lien House
Liggett House
Mudd House
Myers House
Nemerov House
Park House
Risa Commons
Rubelmann House
Rutledge House
Shanedling House
Shepley Drive Garage
Shepley House
Thomas Eliot House
Umrath House
Wallace Drive Garage
Wheeler House
Zetcher House

David Hermann

Red Zone Manager

Silver Zone
6214 Forsyth
Bixby Hall
Brauer Hall
Givens Hall
Green Hall
Jubel Hall
Kemper Art Museum
McKelvey Hall
Steinberg Hall
Walker Hall
Weil Hall
Whitaker Hall
Yellow Zone
Beaumont Pavilion
Brookings Hall, North
Brookings Hall, South
Brown Hall
Busch Hall
Cupples Hall I
Duncker Hall
Eads Hall
East End Garage
Goldfarb Hall
Hillman Hall
January Hall
Olin Library
Ridgley Hall
Schnuck Pavilion
Sever Hall
Sumers Welcome Center
Women’s Building

Tyler Harrison

Yellow Zone Manager