Washington University administrators determined a need to institute a capital plan fund for repair, renovation and replacement of campus buildings.

Each school contributes annually to the repair and renovation capital plan. The contribution amount is based upon the school’s percentage of building occupancy and building replacement value. School representatives, plant accounting and facilities meet once per year to determine projects for the upcoming five fiscal years, budgeted within each school’s contribution, less a 10% contingency for unplanned capital renewal needs. These projects are compiled and sent to appropriate approval committees. All projects requested through the capital plan need some level of approval. After the approval process, facilities begins work on the projects.

Additional projects can be requested during the current fiscal year as long as there are contingency funds available. To initiate a new project, the school’s representative submits a written project request, providing both a detailed description of the work to be performed and the justification for the expense.

Robert M. Hall

Director, Maintenance Operations